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Practice Makes Permanent

One of my natural instincts is to problem solve. Solve immediately. All with the best intentions. I want to help,

Food for thought, Get Things Done, Health, Life

Don’t Be Velcro for Negativity

MOST OF THE TIME: Your bad day is really just a few minutes you choose to hang on to. FACT.

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Superfood Shake

If you have followed me for awhile, you know my morning routine is one that sets me up for success.

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Morning Celery Juice-Health Benefits

Without fail, after my cold shower, I make my celery juice. There are so many health benefits within this glass


My Life

Not only do you have the power but you are writing the chapters in a book called “My Life” This

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I named our coaching team UNBREAKABLE because I wanted to help people who felt broken in their health and income.