Upgrade Your Life!


Interested In Coaching?

This isn't just coaching, this is a complete life upgrade.

Reach your goals with help from me, Mike Karpenko.  Whether your goal is to become healthier, fit into last year's swimsuit or change your life and increase your wealth, I can help you accomplish all of these.

I am a life and fitness coach who has helped thousands of people reach their health goals and helped thousands more upgrade their lives by becoming coaching themselves.

And I can help you, too.

Virtual Fitness Boot Camps

Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

Get in shape!  Now!

Start the current 30-day virtual fitness camp.  You’ will be paired with a meal plan, workout routine, and fitness tools to fit your current level and goals combined with support, and friendship with others just like you.

Each Camp will have a private exclusive group on Facebook or app ensure a positive and fun support environment to further help with accountability, results and your goals. 

Supercharge Your Day!

Create a customized morning routine that will change your life.

Get Supercharge Your Day, the ebook that will help you start your everyday the right way by walking you through the steps of crafting your own personal morning routine that will have you motivated to conquer each day.


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